Writing for Peace of Mind

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Writing for Peace of Mind

Once again I experienced the power of writing to help me to understand and reflect on my thoughts and feelings. I recently visited my 92 year-old father. He lives in his own home and is in good health, although he is experiencing mild dementia. My older brother lives with Dad now. Robert wanted a week off to attend the Kate Wolf Music Festival and to visit with friends.

My sister-in-law and I each stayed part of the week with Dad, keeping him company, making meals, cleaning the house, and grocery shopping. As a former caregiver for our mother, I recognize how important it is to give Robert a break.

However, I must admit it is not easy for me to spend five days with Dad. He has a negative outlook on life and much of his conversation is about money. He grew up poor and was a teenager during the Great Depression. He worked very hard to make a living and to support his family of 6. He is proud of his success, and he doesn't understand when other people, especially his children, don't care as much as he does about making a lot of money.

So, with the television blaring and his refusal to wear his hearing aid, I escaped to write in my journal. There I reflected on my family member’s varied views on life and what it means to be successful. In the privacy of the back bedroom, I wrote about what I might have said to Dad in sadness about our differing values, but did not. I reflected on the many blessings of my life and the choices I have made. And, after writing I felt more at ease and able to be his loving daughter.

Please join Kim Fowler and me for a writing workshop (see below) so that you too can experience the power of writing for reflection and a sense of peace.

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© Sue Schleifer, July 2009

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